Tuesday Thoughts 1

Welcome to the first of our ‘Tuesday Thoughts’, a little run through on things we’ve been doing, ourselves to enhance and inspire us, and therefore we are hoping it will inspire you too.

The blog will drop every Tuesday on our social media platforms and on our website so just keep an eye out.

So, onto this weeks ‘Tuesday Thoughts’:


Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.


Honestly this book will make you laugh and cry. Besides being such an inspiring story, it is full of wonderful perils of wisdom.


The Sterophonics- Sometimes a song or piece of music transports you to a different time or place and its certainly the case with this band.  Old school- but reminds us of great times with wonderful friends in the Welsh valleys.  These friendships are still going strong 22 years later.


Life Extension Exercises: You Will Thrive Longer

https://youtu.be/sQzASyy2aVk We are both spending more time than usual working at our computers.  This exercise is a great little one to expand the chest and relax the spine.


Struggling with the cold or flu this is great drink that really helps. It uses immune modulating turmeric and ginger and vitamin C.  If you can get local honey even better. There’s Clane honey for sale in PS coffee Roasters and in Condrons Supervalu.

¼ teaspoon Ground Tumeric

¼ teaspoon Ground ginger

½ teaspoon cinnamon

Quarter of a lemon

Honey to taste.

Put all the ingredients into a pint glass and ‘muddle’ together. Add boiling water to fill the glass. Once the drink has cooled just enough so you can tolerate it sip away. Don’t drink the dregs as they are gross but they can be used once more to make another batch if you want. Drink it every 2 hours.


Looking for a bit of a pick me up?  If you do one thing today ‘Make your Bed’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sK3wJAxGfs&t=3s

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