Saving your back on the golf course

How many times do you bend to the ground when playing golf?
– 18 times to pull grass and check wind direction.
– 18 times to place your ball on the tee.
– 18 times to pick up your tee.
– 18 times to check and verify it’s your ball on the fairway / rough.
– 18 times to mark your putt.
– 18 times to replace your ball before putting.
– 18 times to pick the ball out of the hole.

That’s a staggering 126 times!! Just cutting this by half would greatly reduce the strain on the back. Next time you’re on the golf course.
– Use flags and trees to check wind direction.
– Use a new tee for each hole.
– Mark the ball vividly making it easily identifiable.
– Only mark puts when absolutely necessary.
– Use a sucker gizmo to pick up the ball.

We would also recommend stretching and warming up before you play. Pushing your trolley rather than dragging it and remove all unnecessary items from your golf bag.

Click here to download our recommended golf stretches.

If back pain is getting in the way of your game, contact us at Clane Chiropractic to see if one of our chiropractors can help.

Happy golfing!

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