Prolonged sitting could lead to chronic disease

It’s hard to believe but research from Australia has shown that we spend over half our day sitting. It’s nature’s law that your body will adapt to whatever you do most often and this impacts negatively on other functions. In this case, walking, standing and general movement.

Obviously this will affect the muscles and joints in the body (the musculoskeletal system) and thus your posture and how you look. Prolonged sitting actually has been shown to lead to chronic disease. This is true no matter if you’re overweight and generally inactive or stick thin and an exercise nut. A study in 2006 showed that men who spent 6 hours a day sitting had a death rate 20% higher than those who sat for 3 hours, this increased to 40% in women.

Other research has shown that desk jobs can double your risk of bowel cancer. So what can you do about it? Simply stand up and move around, take regular trips to the photocopier/printer, perhaps move the printer further away from you. Drinking more water is not only good for you, but means more visits to the lavatory and thus more exercise. Why not stand when you are taking a phone call? Also ensure you are sitting correctly and your work station is structured to suit you.

For more information on correct sitting postures or if you would like a Chiropractor to come to your company and carry out an assessment or speak to staff contact us at Clane Chiropractic.

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