Pregnancy related Lower back Pain

I had a pregnancy related complaint which I wanted to address early on and wanted to try a new approach with chiropractic. The treatment has allowed me to feel a lot more comfortable than in previous pregnancies. I also now understand why I might feel pain and what steps I can take to reduce this through exercises I have been taught by Richard & Ellen. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy has enabled me to keep up with vital day to day life and my two young children!

My experience at Clane Chiropractic has been extremely positive. The care is excellent and always very professional. No mater their schedule, Richard and Ellen always make time for me and answer any questions I have. To someone who is worried about having chiropractic treatment when pregnant; go and meet with the chiropractor to have questions answered / concerns addressed. The clinic is very approachable.

The checkups through my pregnancy are vital to my continued comfort. They keep me on an ‘even keel’ and prevent any pain and discomfort escalating.

Hannah. Kildare

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