Are migraines disrupting your work and family life?

“My hand has gone deaf” These are the words I mumbled to my mum the morning I woke with my first migraine.

Migraine sufferers or ‘migraineurs’ will know that the severe headache is often accompanied with other symptoms such as nausea, pins and needles, visual changes and in my case verbal changes.

A staggering 400,000 people here in Ireland and globally 15% of the population suffer with migraines, a condition that is not fully understood; especially when it comes to the cause.woman-migraine-fb

Migraines can be extremely disruptive for sufferers and not always fully understood by loved ones or work colleagues. The affect they can have on somebodies family life, marriage or career can be devastating.

Mixing work and migraines can shatter somebodies career. We often here from migraine sufferers that they have had to change jobs or occasionally give up work all together because of attacks. Colleagues who have never suffered a migraine may not understand what someone is going through, and show little consideration to their needs. Of course this can potentially hamper the progression of somebodies career.

As a parent of two young children I’m aware that bringing up children is a challenge; very rewarding, but at times a challenge. However bringing up children as a migraine sufferer adds a whole new dimension. Caring for a child when suffering a migraine attack for some can be frightening and at times potentially dangerous. I have had patients at the clinic describe times where they have passed out during attacks. Of course it can be very worrisome for the child as well.

Migraines can also put a stain on relationships especially when a partner has little understanding of migraines. Simple activities such as cooking a meal or shopping can be impossible when suffering an attack. Partners are often left to fill in, frequently causing resentment.  Intimacy can similarly be issue in a relationship when there is little understanding from a partner, some people don’t like being touched when having a migraine.

Having support at home and work is so important when suffering with chronic migraines. If you don’t have this support, there are numerous support groups out there ( ).

When consulting with migraine sufferers at the clinic, improving quality of life is always their primary objective.  And being able to make a difference in somebodies life by reducing their symptoms is fulfilling as a chiropractor. Many patients live for years with debilitating migraines having been told nothing can be done for them, before discovering the benefits of chiropractic care and how it can lead to a better life.

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Richard Wakefield BSc. D.C.

(Doctor of Chiropractic)

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