Increase Your Energy with Chiropractic Care

Has the busy Christmas holiday got you feeling run down? Maybe you feel exhausted often and struggle to get though the work day? Did you know that fatigue is a major warning sign? Your body is trying to tell you that something is either physically or emotionally (or both) not right in your body.

Consider how much energy babies have. They are never bored, rather they are full of life and excitement and their only responsibilities are to eat and sleep. As we age, fatigue and tiredness set in. As a result, we lose our lust for life. This is a big problem!

Many external factors could be causes for lack of energy: physical diseases such as cancer, emotional stress like anxiety, lack of sleep, side effects of drugs, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle habits just to name a few.
One other frequent cause of fatigue is a misaligned spinal column.

Picture this: you need to carry a bowling ball all day long. Would you prefer to carry the ball along your side or held out in front of you? Likely you would have it as close to your body as possible to minimize strain. Did you know that our heads are nearly equivalent to the weight of a bowling ball?forward-head-posture When your spine is not in proper alignment, your body will need to strain to hold your head up as if you would have to strain to carry a bowling ball out in front of you. How exhausting!
When the spine is healthy, the nervous system provides us with energy and resistance to disease. When blockages (subluxations) are present in the nerve flow, energy cannot reach the entire body and fatigue sets in.

Not having chiropractic care is similar to trying to water flowers with a kinked hose. Your water supply may be strong but as long as there is a kink the hose, it does you no good to stand with the hose over the flower beds. rock-on-hose
Medicine is moving towards a better understanding of life energy and more techniques are being promoted to help improve energy flow throughout the entire body. If you are feeling run-down, bored, or depressed, try chiropractic.

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