Are Headaches Holding You Back?

A headache can ruin a day, can’t it? There are more drugs and remedies out their  than ever before. But do you really think that your headaches are caused by a lack of Paracetamol? Maybe it’s time to stop treating the symptoms, and to start addressing the cause.
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Are Headaches Holding You Back?

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Here is What Our Patients Say

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m 24-years old.

I came to Clane Chiropractic as I was suffering from a few different symptoms but didn’t realise most of my problems could be helped by a chiropractor.

When I first came to Clane clinic I was suffering with lower back problems, neck pain and extreme headaches that would lead to me fainting or blacking out, due to the pain.  I had been to every Dr in Tallaght and in Naas hospital to try figure out what was causing them.

I also had a bad car accident 6 year ago. Luckily, I was unhurt and came out with just extreme whip lash, but I hadn’t realised a lot of my lower back symptoms were because of this even six years on.

The results I achieved since attending Clane clinic have been massive.  I no longer get the extreme headaches and my fainting has practically stopped.  I will often get the feeling like I’m going to faint or blackout but I’m able to fight against it.  My lower back rarely acts up now and when or if it does I know I just need to come back to the clinic for a quick adjustment,

I enjoy coming to the clinic.  From the minute you walk in through the front door, to being greeted at the main desk by the wonderful ladies at reception, to being looked after by Richard and Ellen They are great at what they do and are such genuine nice and caring people, looking to help you in any way possible they can. They deserve more credit for the work they do.

I can’t emphasise how highly I rate Clane Chiropractic for both the service and in the treatment, I have received.  Don’t be afraid to call in for a consultation or even to get in touch with them. They are only a phone call away and would love to help you in what ever way possible.  That’s what I did, and I am forever grateful for their help.

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