Dry Needling at Clane Chiropractic

At Clane Chiropractic we often incorporate a technique known as Dry Needling into our treatment plans. This is not to be confused with acupuncture as it is based on Western principles and not Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dry Needling is a procedure used to relax tense or spasmed muscles particularly those caused by a Myofascial Trigger Point (more commonly known as a muscle knot). A thin acupuncture type needle is inserted into the muscle causing it to relax. The mechanics of why the treatment works is still not fully understood but it is thought that it breaks the pain cycle by impeding on the Reflex Arc, a complex spinal cord reflex where pain signals are constantly been sent to the spinal cord.

Dry needling is extremely beneficial in aiding in the treatment of a wide range of sports related injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow, muscle spasms, tendonitis, frozen shoulder etc. It will also benefit headache sufferers and people with low back pain.
Although the thought of a needle scares many people, the treatment itself rarely causes any pain. Many patients report not even feeling the needles “going in” and are unaware of the needles presence.

All the chiropractors in Clane Chiropractic are fully trained in Dry Needling, and it is used as part of our chiropractic treatments at no extra cost.

If you would like more information on the subject or feel it is something which may benefit you, please give the clinic a call.

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