Are migraines disrupting your work and family life?

“My hand has gone deaf” These are the words I mumbled to my mum the morning I woke with my first migraine. Migraine sufferers or ‘migraineurs’ will know that the severe headache is often accompanied with other symptoms such as nausea, pins and needles, visual changes and in my case verbal changes. A staggering 400,000 […]

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Could You Have Text Neck?

Text neck is the term used to describe the injuries and pain sustained from looking down at wireless devices for extended periods of time.

As mobile technology becomes more commonplace, people are spending more and more time with handheld devices like smartphones, e-readers and computer tablets. Studies suggest that 79% of the population, ages 18-44, have their cell phones with them for 22 hours per day.

Your head weighs around 5.5 kg, and if you spend a significant amount of time with your head bent forward and down as when texting, emailing, or gaming—the strain on your neck is substantial. Studies have shown when you bend your head forwards by just 15 degrees, its weight effectively

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Straighten Up Ireland 2014

To mark “Straighten Up Ireland” (SUI) week Clane Chiropractic will be offering FREE spinal checks in their clinic to any one with back problems or those who just want to take better care of their spines.

“Straighten Up Ireland” (SUI) runs from 13th to 19th October to coincide with “World Spine Day” on Thursday 16th October. This is an annual event run by the Chiropractic Association of Ireland and other similar associations around the world.

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Why Do My Knee’s ‘Crack’?

We are often asked by patients:” Why do my knees crack?” Or “what is making that noise when you click my back?” The crack you may here from your knees, or if you crack your knuckles (which does not cause arthritis by the way), or when your spine is manipulated, is essentially the same thing. It is what’s known as a cavitation. When a joint “cracks” the two surfaces that make up a fully encapsulated joint are momentarily separated. This creates a reduction in pressure within the joint and gases that are naturally found within the synovial fluid (the fluid that helps lubricate the joint) form a bubble. This bubble pops/collapses resulting in the “cracking” sound.

Contrary to popular belief…..

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