Tuesday Thoughts – 5

Recommending: This fabulous serum from ‘Holos’ an Irish company. Smells divine and makes my skin feel fabulous. https://holos.ie/product/love-your-skin-anti-ageing-facial-oil/ Reading: These awesome books to the children.  Written by local lady Emma Jane Leeson, they are all about country life and encourage your children to go on outdoor adventures. The social media pages are always full of

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Tuesday Thoughts 3

Researching: So, with all the media hype about the Coronavirus I decided there would be no harm in researching a little around it and arm myself with the facts.  I was amazed and slightly irritated to discover the following: Coronavirus facts https://www.statista.com/chart/20634/confirmed-coronavirus-cases-timeline/ Just 2.24% died out of reported cases- the majority of which were elderly

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