Tuesday Thoughts – 5


This fabulous serum from ‘Holos’ an Irish company. Smells divine and makes my skin feel fabulous.



These awesome books to the children.  Written by local lady Emma Jane Leeson, they are all about country life and encourage your children to go on outdoor adventures. The social media pages are always full of fun facts and ideas. We have a couple in the patient library so have a read to your kids the next time you’re in for an adjustment.



We’re often asked about supplementation and we only really recommend vitamin D and this high-quality fish oil from local company Kindle Health. Click on our products page above and don’t forget your code for 20% off.


My husband returning in one piece from his trip. I’m not cut out for lone parenting (the kids were not the issue, the puppy was the trouble maker).  Richard has come back all inspired after his weekend so ask him all about it at your next adjustment.


My sister and I have our activity trackers in place and are counting our steps over Lent. The competition is on!!!! Watch this space to see who wins. Why don’t you challenge someone to a similar fitness task? It’s much easier to motivate yourself when you are accountable to someone. Best of luck.

‘Till next week.

Dr E.

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